I'm so excited about this company!

Fabulous items - the quality is wonderful - and I love the fabric choices...
personalization gives it that extra touch.

These are items you can't feel guilty about buying for yourself, your kids, or for gifts.

I'm a Thirty-One consultant because I love the products and am sure you will too!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's in my hands now...

I am so excited about this stuff - and I'm planning on using all of it!  I plan on taking it 'as-is' to my shows so everyone can see how these products can fit into your everyday activities/needs.... and if I never sell a single item, I'm still making out like a bandit with my starter kit.

Tonite's soccer game calls for the "About Town Blanket" and "Picnic Thermal Tote".

Tomorrow my younger DD will be carrying her lunch in the "Thermal Tote". 

My older DD has claimed the "Mini Organizer" and is busy filling the pockets with lip gloss, nail polish, etc...

I'm switching out my current wallet to my new "Wristlet Wallet" and moving my keys onto my new "Key Fob".

My "Large Utility Tote" will be going in the back of my truck, and the "Square Utility Tote" will be going on my front seat to hold all the stuff that seems to accumulate in my truck.

I think my new "Fold & Go Organizer" will by my new coupon carrier - a shopping list in the middle, coupons and receipts on the sides!

That's not even everything! I still need to find uses for my "Zipper Pouch", "Littles Carry-all Caddy" and "All-in-One Organizer". It's no wonder people really love these products!

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  1. You're going to be so organized with this cool stuff :) I need you to send me a catalog so I can see it up close and pick out my favorites!